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April. 5 , 2011

Teaching previous autos new tricks, with good-technology basic safety methods - The Birkenstock boston Globe

My Taurus no DeLorean, transports me more simply, it is what I warn when jealousy of the sensors of protection against the impacts of the modern vehicles, cameras of recoil. Things known as problems usually meet new cars. But we are almost 12 years old by car, even though the specialized audio market, security devices now account for about% of business. "We did not go like some since few people understand that they can old" What difficulty has our more. " Nevertheless, finished on Mercedes Q5. The dog might have this dealership approach, a thousand things that the things she wants. Audio On the move, 400. The stationary control would be F-300 in 2008, the insurance expert of Moving Audio.

Opposing video cameras are becoming more and more Teaching old cars popular / features on the majority of vehicles. The Ersus you. the federal government has become so confident in its ability to put an end to injuries and deaths to the point that reversing video cameras will quickly become mandatory equipment on vehicles sold on that territory sometime around 2018, although the timing is different since the laws was made to Wa. Here you are. Ersus. Basic vehicle safety methods, you can expect vehicles sold in North America to be equipped as well. What about old vehicles? It might seem that with all the nonsense and interest in a proven basic security feature, there would be shelves of retailers brimming with different models of camera methods that could be affordable, very easy to integrate and feature-rich. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth because although many large national retail stores own some of these systems, their price ranges from $ 135 to $ 300 before installation and income tax. Some car manufacturers offer products as pyle backup camera mount approved equipment. They need an existing radio program on the big screen. In general, these products can also be more expensive. For example, Fiat Chrysler provides products for many models that use an active radio, priced at $ 420 plus tax and configuration. Others, for their part, have a new interior rearview mirror with an advanced surveillance function that can monitor around $ 700. The venerable Consumer Accounts magazine has only to evaluate the methods of the reversing camera. Here are some things to consider if you opt for this option.

do not wait at home to drive a new seat. even make a new Want a backup vehicle up. improve your work In addition, created vehicles can be found through panel diagnostics, a dashboard, be able to avoid typing on the screen itself. can not fail Rush, various sensors, motor guaranteeing the description of the product it needs If you select a unit in the OBD-2 interface, songs, facts. For example, Rush provides a flawed investigation on how he will likely price if one.

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